About us

Stolen from Grandma was inspired by Grandma Nellie who ran a small jewellery shop in the picturesque Cheshire village of Alderley Edge. Grandma Nellie’s knowledge of antique, vintage and silver jewellery was encyclopedic and of course, she taught her grandson everything she knew. Today that very same grandson buys vintage jewellery of all periods and retails them under the Stolen from Grandma name.

Stolen From Grandma is a brand you can easily fall in love with, it brings life and style to a vast variety of historic and vintage jewellery. The line comprises of an impressive array of reconditioned pieces, unusual jewels and one-of-a-kind items. The collection specalises in long-forgotten treasures, sourced from all over the globe. Every piece has its own anecdote, and is completely distinctive.

Unusual and utterly charming, the collection is diverse in its variety. It includes not only vintage but also contemporary and fine jewellery designs. Whether you want to stack and layer a piece of jewellery from every era or simply love the individual nature of antique pieces, Stolen From Grandma offers a unique and modern twist on vintage style for those who create fashion, not follow it.

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